About us

“TRAKI” is a new and modern canning factory in Bulgaria, put into operation in 2014, specializing in the production of high-quality canned vegetables and delicacies. It is located on an area of 16,000 m2.

Production area of 16 000 m2

Technological lines

Over 5000 tons raw materials per year

Our factory has a highly qualified staff of engineers, technologists and specialists to monitor the quality of the purchased raw materials and carry out production activities that meets EU requirements.

Only premium products are available in the domestic and international markets. Our production quality has been assessed in accordance with IFS Food and EN ISO 22 000: 2005 certificates. By implementing these standards, we attest our commitment for the production of safe food and focus on customer requirements.

The factory is located in the village of Stryama, Rakovski Industrial Zone, in the heart of the Upper Thracian Lowland.

The short distances to the raw materials, as well as our own cultivated areas that are located near the production facility, guarantee the exceptional freshness and quality of our products. Strict control of the raw material – finished product chain is ensured, which includes control of crops and control upon acceptance of the finished product.

Fresh vegetables are processed in a particularly gentle manner, so that vitamins, minerals and other useful ingredients are preserved as much as possible. We develop the recipes, the type and the packaging of our products according to the needs and wishes of customers.

Special attention is also paid to environment protection. That is why our production is ecologically oriented, with its own treatment plant, and production waste is minimized and used for other useful purposes.

Our main task is to enrich your life with new and unique tastes, to bring you health and many pleasant moments with our useful and high-quality food products.
Exceptional freshness
of the raw materials

production control

Gentle processing
that preserves vitamins

Impeccable quality
of the final product